Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes conducted?

Classes are conducted at your facility.  We teach where you and your staff feel comfortable.  This gives us the ability to see your facility and make individualized recommendations on facility emergency protocols. 


How long do the classes take?

Many factors affect the length of the class.  These factors include the number of students taking the class, whether the class is an initial certification or a recertification and which class is being taught.   Contact us for details.


Which agency is providing the certifications?

CPR and first aid certifications are provided by the American Heart Association.  The classes are conducted according to AHA standards. 


Does my employer or government oversight agency recognize the American Heart Association certification as legitimate?

Yes, the American Heart Association is universally recognized for their CPR and First Aid training.


How long do the certifications last?

The CPR and first aid certifications last for a period of two years. 


How many people can attend classes?

Class attendance is flexible as we have multiple instructors, we can accommodate small or large groups.  Many customers opt to split the class into several sections to better accommodate their employees schedules.   


Can attendees bring family and friends to the class?

This is up to the discretion of the facility where the class is being taught.  If friends or family do attend the same per person cost will be assessed for each in attendance.  The family and friends can pay their individual cost separate from the facility.  Some of our customers love this option as it provides a convenient and reliable way to spread the valuable skills and knowledge that is taught in our classes. 


What qualifications do the instructors hold?

Our instructors are all certified as instructors for the specific classes they are teaching.  All of our instructors are experienced EMT’s, Paramedics, Fire Fighters, and Police officers.  This means that our instructors have actually performed the skills they are teaching.